With a great cookie, Crumz a great responsibility!

Cookie Crumz is an artisanal bakery that prides itself in creative decadence, celebrating everyone’s all-time favorite baked good, the cookie!!!  Who doesn’t love a good cookie, right? But we added our twist to all time classic and have come up with some innovative, over the top, knock your socks off cookies. With an ever-growing menu, Cookie Crumz is bringing you new treats, with a mash-up of edgy flavors and home-baked morsels of heaven.


The idea for Cookie Crumz came about from a simple craving one day for a super indulgent, mind blowing cookie, when he couldn’t find it, Arri Mavrogiorgis, founder of Cookie Crumz, came up with a concept of a whimsical cookie based bakery.  The concept, became reality in 2017 when Arri decided to chase his dream.  You know the classic story of boy craves cookies, boy dreams up cookies, boy starts cookie bakery, sure you’ve heard it all before.  From that Cookie Crumz was born, bringing you a variety of the tastiest, most orgasmic, melt-in your mouth, tickle your taste buds, hug you all night cooky, yes cooky. 

Why is Cookie Crumz so great, we use only the highest quality and finest ingredients in everything we make, sprinkle it with a dash of LOVE and a pinch of JOY to put smile on your face with every bite.  We sound a little full of ourselves, and that’s because we are, we stand proud with every creation we present to our customers, because that, Mmmmmmmmm sound that comes with every bite, is what truly matters to us.      

Meet The Team

Arri Mavrogiorgis

CEO and Founder

Being surrounded by food was a common thing in our household growing up, I was raised in large Greek family so food was the cure to all and the answer to everything. At the age of 4 my mother woke up one morning to find me sitting in the sink, next to the stove making scrambled eggs, bacon and toast to surprise everyone in the family with breakfast and I think my love of food and feeding people just grew from there. By age 12 I started working in the family business, serving up food at our gourmet delicatessens, don’t worry I ate a lot of it too. 


From deli counters to the text books, I went on to get a bachelor’s degree in Economics and eventually went to grad school and finished my MBA with a dual concentration in Finance and International Business, I know, fancy right.  After completing my degree, my career took me down a path in healthcare management. For years I worked alongside some amazing individuals, where I got to further my knowledge and business sense, by applying it in a practical setting.        


 As a self-proclaimed foody, I always had this love for feeding all of those around me, if there was a delicious food or something that just looked inviting, I wanted to share it with those around me. The idea of having others indulge in the same experience and be able to see the joy that flavor and satisfaction of that bite gave them, always made me feel so happy inside. What’s one thing most people love? COOKIES, so here I am. Let’s see where this journey in my life takes me, follow it along on our Instagram @cookiecrumz. 

Rafael Georgiou

Chef and Baker

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